#FansNBA: Earlier Start To NBA Finals?

Both the Eastern and Western Finals match-ups are looking to end early with Cleveland and Golden State up 3-0 in their conferences. According to multiple reports, the NBA is looking into moving the date of the NBA Finals to June 2nd. The original date for the NBA Finals were scheduled to start June 4th but if both conference match-ups were to end in a sweep, there would be an 8-day break between the last conference match-up to Game 1 of the Finals.

There are a few problems with the date change. With international media travel and coverage, hotel capacities, and television commitments, a change may not happen according to CBS Sports.image We know that the NBA is all about making the highest  amount of money possible, so with changing the date of the Finals  two days ahead of schedule could cause  some commitment issues. But to the fans, moving  the date two days ahead of schedule would be right  up our alley. We would have less than a week to pick our winner and less time watching reruns of sport media programs scrambling to schedule some sort of entertainment as we wait for the NBA  Finals. June 2nd, give me some basketball!

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