#FansNBA: LeBron Dreams To Become Real Life Superhero

Saving the day on the court may not be enough for the superhuman we all know as LeBron James. As kids, I think we all dream of  big imaginations and LeBron had his own imaginary thoughts as a child. The Cavs forward told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, “I always talked about it as a kid, and even as an adult, I was like, image ‘Wow, you know, I always wanted  to be  the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’  And then  when I got older, the Bad  Boys movies, I  was like, ‘I  would love to do an action  movie.’  Either be, like, a cop or  something,  or be, like, Batman.  Hopefully I  can do some more things.  Maybe,  we’ll see.” 

LeBron as Batman wouldn’t be a bad  idea. In his real role in the NBA, LeBron  was the villain as  he took his ‘talents’ to  South Beach. Now, back  home with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he’s the hometown hero, again just as Batman. Kind of ironic right? Even without Kyrie Irving down with a left knew injury, Kevin Love out for the reminder of the playoffs, King James or the future Bruce Wayne still found a way to put the Cavs up 2-0 against the top seeded Atlanta Hawks. Give him an Oscar!

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