#FansNBA: The NBA Finals

This is the match up for all the marbles. The 2014-2015 NBA MVP Stephen Curry steps up against the 4-time NBA MVP LeBron James. Both cities, Cleveland and San Francisco are desperate to bring a championship back home. Of the two teams, Golden State celebrated a world title in 1975, were Cleveland is still looking for a spot to clean off for their trophy. This Cavalier versus Warrior match up brings more than big time shots and spectacular slam dunks. The passion and determination between these two teams will rise as each game progresses.

imageThe Western Conference Champs, Golden State Warriors. One of the most entertaining teams in the league right now. The jaw-dropping shots, screaming of excitement, and of course how could I not mention adorable little Riley Curry. This team is meant to be here. Yet, can Curry and his Warriors hold off the Cavs need for a ring one more year?

With Klay Thompson cleared for action since his injury he suffered in Game 5 of the Western Finals, this could change everything with the series. Thompson has been very up and down during the playoff but I think he is one of those players when the light shines bright, he will make sure he is front and center for action. But we all know the saying, “Leave by the three, die by the three,” can come back and bite Thompson in the you know where in this series. So players like an Andre Iguodala have to be able to see the need and attack. Assume the Cavs game plan is to ground Curry and take his game away, Golden State could still win 4 out of 7 games. With players like a passionate Draymond Green and hot shooters as a Harrison Barnes, Golden State is loaded with talent. Will all be determined on the defensive end for the Warriors.


The Eastern Conference Champs, Cleveland Cavaliers. Now how did they get here? No Kevin Love, no problem. Kyrie Irving dealing with injuries, cool. LeBron pushes himself to sweep the top seeded Atlanta Hawks and here the Cavs are. The Cavs have their toughest test thus far in the playoffs. With the splash brother so deadly from behind the arch, more than likely one of the pair will be their focus on the defensive end. Althought, the Cavs biggest need is not just defending the splash brother, but their need is with themselves. Who will step up other than King James? In the Eastern Finals, JR Smith light the score board up from three. Yet, I think Smith is just one of those player that just can not find his rhythm in big time games as the NBA Finals. JR Smith at times takes those shots that makes you just shake your head. That’s exactly how a team gives Golden State the advantage and the W.



imageOne player I can see having a big impact on the Finals for the Cavs other than LeBron is Kyrie. Just coming off his 9-day layoff in between the East Finals and the NBA Finals, Irving will need to find that will to win as LeBron did. LeBron tells the News Herald, “Whatever we can get from Kyrie is a plus.” For just about any team, when an injured player comes back and has a positive impact on the game, every teammates eats off of that player’s energy and that’s all she wrote from there. But more than likely, Cavs coach Blatt will limit Irving minutes of play during the first few games of the series.

I really want the Cavaliers to win this series and for the LeBron to bring that ring back home, but my mind is telling me otherwise. I think the energy level that Warriors will bring will be too much for the Cavs to handle. This will be a 7 game series with the Golden State Warriors bringing the Larry O’Brien trophy back to the Bay Area.

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