#FansNBA: Warriors vs. Rockets

The Western Conference Finals, the best verses the best. The MVP of the league, Steph Curry, verses the runer up, James Harden. The top seeded Warriors of the tough western conference verses a team that wants to prove that they too can roll with the big dogs of the league, the Houston Rockets. The Warriors did sweep the Rockets 4-0 in the season but we all know that the playoffs are a totally different monster.


The series will be a fast uptempo game and jumpers will be        flying all around the court. The Warriors have the “Splash  Brothers” (Steph Curry and Clay Thompson) but the Rockets  have a 3-point duo of their own with Jason Terry and Trevor  Ariza. The Rockets, they will have to win this series at the free-  throw line and we all know that James Harden is the engine to  their offence. Harden has gone to the free-throw line more  times in the playoffs than any other player, averaging 10x per  game. Dwight Howard tells NBAtv, “Have to make sure Steph Curry doesn’t get cooking.” Just as Harden is to the Rockets, Curry is just as important for the Warriors. Both Harden and Curry are averaging just under 30 points per game, but Curry has a little more edge with his game on the defensive side of the court. Not to mention, the Warriors are one of if not the best team on their home court which they have the adavage in the series.


Houston Rockets Key:

– The Rockets ability to slow down the game

Houston Rockets X-Factor:

– Dwight Howard and his free throw


Golden State Warriors Key:

– Keeping the pace up and 3-point shots

Golden State Warriors X-Factor:

– Stopping James Harden


This will be one of the more exciting series in the playoffs. I can see this series going 7 games but with Golden State being a monster on their home court I will have to give them the edge and they will wrap this series up in 6.


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