#FansNFL Denver Broncos beat San Diego Chargers 27-20

Many say that Denver Broncos back up quarterback Peyton Manning rescued the Broncos, I say he did his job. Fans all over Mile High Stadium wanted starting Quarterback Brock Osweiler out of the game after his first interception. Fans saw Peyton Manning in uniform and wanted him in the game immediately to guarantee a Broncos win. Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak kept Osweiler in the game and with good reason. Osweiler earned his spot to be the starting quarterback and Kubiak kept him in the game to see if he could handle his mistakes mentally and pull through. Osweiler has a winning quarterback behind that if he has a bad game he can come in and secure the win. Osweiler is needed to get the Broncos to the Super Bowl and he is needed in order to make sure they WIN that game. Osweiler can come in and do what Peyton hasn’t been able to do in the past few NFL seasons:


Manning    Broncos   ManningOsweiler

It was so electrifying to hear the screams & chants around the stadium once Peyton Manning ran onto the field. It was a birthday wish come true for me. I’ve followed Peyton Manning from Tennessee during his college days and from Indianapolis Colts to the Denver Broncos franchise. I asked to join the Broncos bandwagon and I’ve been loyal ever since. I’ve seen Peyton play in Atlanta and other cities, but I have not seen him play in Denver. My #BroncosWish came true and it was an amazing feeling. Fans were excited to see the Broncos WIN and clinch the number 1 seed  & title in the AFC West.

Now what will the Broncos do in the NFL playoffs this season?? One can only hope that this two quarterback game plan will  work in their favor and bring a ring home to their fans. If the Broncos do not win it all I would think that their fans would chant, “IN-COM-PLETE!” at their entire season.

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