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#FansSEC-College Football Follow Up

Here is what we learned from my 3 top SEC Games to watch on last Saturday

  1. South Carolina at Georgia

Georgia’s quarterback uncertainty seems to be resolved. Greyson Lambert set a NCAA record of 24-25 completed passes for 330 yards and three touchdowns.  Lambert had 20 consecutive completions at one point in the game on Saturday.  In addition, Nick Chubb added 159 yards and two touchdowns on 21 carries.  Georgia looked good on Saturday as the Bulldogs routed South Carolina 52-20.

As for South Carolina, things did not look good for them on Saturday night in the loss. There are definitely quarterback issues for the Gamecocks. Also, the defense was shredded by Georgia’s QB Greyson Lambert and the defensive line did not stop Georgia’ running game with Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.  So, the Gamecocks have some issues to address quickly to turn this season around.

  1. Auburn at LSU

We learned the name Leonard Fournette.  Fournette started off with a 71 yard carry on the first play from scrimmage and the rest is SEC college football history.  Fournette finished the day with 228 yards and three touchdowns; as LSU dominated Auburn in a 45-21 win in Tiger Stadium on Saturday.

For Auburn, there is trouble on both sides on the ball.  Auburn’s QB Jeremy Johnson threw an interception and fumbled in the first half of the game.  He did have a bright moment with a 65 yard touchdown run, but he has to improve very quickly.  The Auburn defense did not look any better on Saturday with poor tackling and not being able to stop Leonard Fournette who ran over and threw off Auburn defenders.   There is a short time to fix the issues because the road does not get any easier.  Mississippi State is up next to face Auburn.

  1. Ole Miss at Alabama

This game did not disappoint for any SEC college football fan.  The SEC and college football nation learned that Ole Miss is LEGIT!!! Ole Miss played aggressively and took advantage of every opportunity they were given on Saturday night in Tuscaloosa against Alabama.  The Rebels forced five turnovers and scored off four turnovers for 24 points.   The Rebels QB Chad Kelly became somewhat of “legend” with his 3rd and long play to wide receiver, Quincy Adeboyejo, that lead to a touchdown.  Robert Nkemdiche and the Ole Miss defense created “chaos” for the Alabama offense all night as the Rebels garner back-to-back wins over the Crimson Tide winning 43-37.

Alabama had quarterback, special teams, and defense issues on Saturday. It seems for every good play for the Crimson Tide there was a negative play to go along with it.  The five turnovers that Alabama had really killed them on Saturday night.  Now, the Crimson Tide is still the Crimson Tide and they started to roll.  It looked like a comeback was in the making and they would win the game after all. However, a final interception was the deciding factor in their loss to Ole Miss.

There you have it!!! The things we learned from my top 3 SEC games to watch this past Saturday.  It was definitely an interesting one.

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