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Roll Tide Submission by: Terrica Stewart

Every game I am a little bit nervous, you never underestimate your opponent.  Mississippi State is number one in the country.  That is no easy feat in the SEC; they are there for a reason.  So, needless to say, before the game my nerves were shot!  Do not mistake me I’m always more than confident in our team, I knew we would win but I also thought State would make us earn that win.



By now, you have seen meme saying, “For Mississippi State this is a big game, but for us it’s just another Saturday,” it proved to be true.  It really was just another Saturday, another game we knew we had to win.  It was no different because we come into all our games with this mindset.  I was looking for the number one team in the country to show up, give us a run for our money, show us why you’re number one,  instead we got regular ole’ Mississippi State.

NCAA Football: Tennessee-Martin at Mississippi State

Where was this “triple threat” quarterback, the one in the running for the Heisman?  Where was the number one team in the country?  We came to play and to win as we do every Saturday.  And like every Saturday (minus one or two here and there) we won.  I do congratulate Mississippi State on becoming number one.  Being number one is the best feeling in the world for the team and the fans, especially when you are not used to it.  <—– SHADE I know this loss left a bittersweet taste in their mouths, but they should still be proud.  They have never been number one, accomplishing that is awesome.  So hold your heads up high Bulldogs, your team did a good job, just not good enough to beat us.

We are Ala-FREAKING-Bama


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