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It is week two in the National Football League and all I hear fans talking about is their fantasy football team & leagues. What is fantasy football? According to, it is where fans are able to draft players to be on their team and score points from their actual performance during the season.

This is serious business in some fantasy football leagues as fans win money, trips or prizes for how well their fantasy football team is doing week to week. Now one thing that I saw fans complaining about is how Dallas Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott will be out for a few games and how that affects their fantasy football team selections. With Ezekiel Elliott being suspended for a number of games, it’s a time to look over some of the most popular sportsbooks to know how the Dallas team will stand. This is important for you to know considering that a few fans shared how they felt about Elliott’s week one performance.

Take a look at the week two Fantasy Football player rankings here courtesy of Sports Illustrated. Let us know if you are in a fantasy football league and keep us posted on how your team is doing. Tag us in your tweets at @fansfavoritefan and make sure to use the hashtag #fantasyfootball! Good luck this season fans!

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