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Our infographic of the week comes from Dan Rossetti, President and CEO of Ascension Sports Partners, LLC. Dan’s journey to the Sport & Entertainment industry was not conventional but he continues to thrive today.


I initially founded Ascension Sports Partners, LLC in 2008 to provide recruiting and executive search services to the sports and entertainment industry with a focus within the $50,000 to $125,000 range. When people think of executive search, they naturally think of C-Level and the Leadership Team. I have to be a VP or Senior VP to have a service like mine to help people out with their career choices. There was a gap that was missing in our industry. There weren’t too many companies that were helping out teams and clients within this space. Whether it’s a Senior Account Executive or a Manager of Ticket Sales, organizations weren’t focusing on them because they felt these candidates were a dime a dozen. I offered up a service option for them that allowed them to say, “It’s just as important and crucial to our success and future to find these candidates.” 

Read more about his interview here

Sometimes a Niche is all you Need, the Journey of Dan Rossetti

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