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Our infographic feature this week comes from Nicholas Spike, Vice President of Business Development at Thuzio. Thuzio is the world’s most comprehensive software and service solution for talent procurement.


“I was working with a sports team on the sales side and I was actually approached by a former colleague who I worked with for the New Jersey Devils. It really stemmed from analyzing the business. We talked to a lot of our bigger repeat clients or anyone on the sales side (looking to entertain clients) and they told us that anyone can offer Knicks tickets, a steak dinner, or a round of golf, but not everyone can give them the opportunity to sit next to Lawrence Taylor and share a meal. We thought, why don’t we systematize the use of talent for corporate interests thus creating what we called the Thuzio Executive Club, where you basically pay a fee to join the Club and gain access to the talent?”

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A Foodie and a Professional, the Journey of Nicholas Spike

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