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Our infographic of the week comes from Cody Haynes, Director of Ticket Sales for the Houston Rockets. Cody’s passion for ticket sales and hard work make it easy to see why his sales teams are so successful.


“Ticket sales is super competitive, everyone is trying to get into the industry. Ticket sales (inside sales) is the way into the industry. If money is important to you then don’t work in ticket sales. You really need a passion to want to work for a sports franchise. Another thing to realize is that we don’t get the chance to watch many of the games. We are busy working games because, if you think about it, we have 18,000 leads in the building. During the season, we are working some long hours. We don’t ever really get to sit down and enjoy four quarters of an NBA game.”

Read more about his interview with Front Office Sports here at

 Climbing the Ticket Sales Ladder, The Journey of Cody Haynes

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