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Our infographic of the week comes from Samantha Hughey, Social Media Audience Engagement Editor for the United States Olympic Committee. A Western Kentucky and Louisville Alumna, Samantha lives for all things creative and has applied that passion to photography, advertising, and her position with the USOC.


“I really learned that the best way to work in sport is to surround yourself with people who are not just fans of the particular sport, but are fans of the industry. Just because you are a Teddy Bridgewater fan or a football fan does not mean you have the mentality to be working in the sports industry. You have to love the industry inside and out and love what your component is and understand what you bring to the table. Having that separation between your fandom and your role in the organization is critical.”

Read more about her interview here

Samantha Hughey: All things Social, All things Creative

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