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Our infographic of the week comes from Joshua Drew, a Talent Producer for ESPN Radio. Josh started his career in radio, working as a morning show producer for a station in Boston. He wanted to combine his love for sports and radio into a career, so he applied and got a job at ESPN.


“I face internal and external challenges at ESPN on a daily basis. I think I get along really well with Mike & Mike and a lot of all the other producers and people I work with on a daily basis, but if I have an idea for a guest or I feel passionate about someone I want to book on the show, a lot of times there can be challenges in trying to convince other people to agree to it. I’m not necessarily the only decision maker when booking guests. The producer and some other folks are involved as well. A lot of times it’s a challenge convincing people my idea or the way I want to go with a certain guest is the right way because everyone has their own opinion.”

Read more about his interview here

From Ice Cream to ESPN Radio, the Journey of Joshua Drew

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