FFF Sound Off: Young Student-Athletes Entering Draft

On the hills of big name college student-athletes as Duke’s Jahlil Okafor, Kentucky’s Harrison twins, and Karl-Anthony Towns entering the draft, this is one of my favorite topics to discuss in general with basketball. Why young college freshman and undeveloped players enter the NBA Draft a little too soon.


We all know the main motivation into athletes decision to enter the draft would be financial reasoning. Let’s discuss that first. In the world of social media and seeing our favorite professional athletes and super-stars all over the internet with their over the top lives, some may envy what they see. Not only that, these student-athletes are not able to work for money nor take money from their likeness. That would be frustrating to see your peers around campus driving nice cars and wearing the latest in style and your picture is on the front covers of news outlets, and seeing your name and face on products being sold, but no income is received for your image.


For that reasoning I can understand. One of my favorite players over the years, Thomas Robinson of the Kansas Jayhawks, great players and story. He entered the NBA draft to take care of his 8-year-old sister after their mother passed away suddenly. There are a few student-athletes who I think should enter draft but what is wrong with wanting an education?

What is the main reason we all attend college? To graduate? Make new friends? Because our parents make us? Whatever the reason, we all want a better future. Yes, entering the NBA with give you the finical stability to make a better future but a lot of professional athlete make the decision to go back to school and finished their degrees as Damian Lillard accomplished this season. But, finishing school while being a student-athlete can give the student more life experiences, more knowledge as an adult, and most of all, a future after their basketball career ends.

The root of all evil is money, let’s not base a life decision because an athlete wants a 5 figure check handed to him. My mother always told me while I played basketball, “The NBA isn’t going anywhere.” Make a smart decision and stay in school, graduation, get the most out of college while developing your skills on the court, then enter the draft. Isn’t that how it’s suppose to go?

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