Floyd Mayweather Challenges Kobe To A $1M Pick-Up Game

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Picture it, Instagram, 2017, an undefeated boxer challenges a 5-time NBA Champion to a pick up game. Sounds pretty dumb right?

On Saturday afternoon, Floyd “Money” Mayweather decided to say it with his million dollar chest and challenged a 5-time NBA champion and future Hall of Famer to a one-on-one pick up game. Mayweather, who is all of 5’8 on a good day, could be fishing for a little attention but his confidence is on another level with his latest challenge.

Under Kobe Bryant’s recent post, Mayweather randomly set the challenge between the two superstars. The winner of the match-up will win the grand prize of $1 million, which both parties have tons of. Although, this isn’t Mayweather’s first challenge of a NBA player. Back in 2015, Mayweather and then Celtic guard, Isaiah Thomas took it to the court.

This game most definitely would be an entertaining game for we the fans to get a few laughs, tweet about, and hopefully get a great GIF, but highly doubt it would happen. Though, making this pick-up game for charity wouldn’t be a bad idea. Let’s not be too ignorant with this challenge, Kobe would rip Mayweather apart one-on-one. Hopefully, Kobe will respond and get this to our television and or Twitter feed as soon as possible.

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