Georgia Southern Can’t Get Past App State

Thursday night started out good for Georgia Southern. A bad snap on a field goal try for App State turned into the only touchdown for Georgia Southern. After the first quarter Georgia Southern was up 10-0. App State’s defense held Georgia Southern to 159 yards for the entire game. At halftime the game was tied at 10. The rest of the game after halftime was all App State. App State controlled the clock, only allowing Georgia Southern to have the ball for 22 minutes and 6 seconds. That’s only 37 percent of the game. Georgia Southern had only nine first downs. They didn’t get a first down in the second half until midway through the fourth quarter. I’ve said it when Georgia Southern lost other games this year, that’s not Georgia Southern football. The Eagles are use to controlling the clock and the game but that did not happen. So you get blown out 34-10 by App State at home.


The good thing for Georgia Southern is they only need two more wins to become bowl eligible. Maybe this week Georgia Southern will get back to the basics and try to get their running game going since they travel to Ole Miss. I don’t see the Eagles being a threat to Ole Miss so take this game to find something, really anything positive to take us into the last three games of the season. The seasons not over yet and anything can happen. Coach Summers has a big decision to make, he has two seniors and a true freshman at quarterback. He has to decide if he wants to play for the future or play for a bowl game.

Hail Southern and No Place Else!

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