Georgia State falls to Troy

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It’s homecoming weekend in Atlanta! It was interesting to see how fans tailgated this year at the new stadium in comparison to last year at the Georgia Dome. The new stadium has parking lots that aren’t far from it so it’s easy to walk to and from a tailgate. Although there were a lot of fans outside enjoying the tailgate atmosphere there were more fans inside of the Georgia State Stadium ready for the game. Georgia State has won three straight road games and came back to ATL ready to win again.

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During homecoming everyone is recognized at the game. This includes alumni to former cheerleaders/dancers to former players or coaches to friends of the program. It’s a huge part of the fan experience for those who went to Georgia State when it didn’t have a football program versus those who recently graduated after the program was created. One thing I wish Georgia State would have done this year was grant fans re-entry. Clark Atlanta and Morehouse-Spelman were having their homecoming games during the same time and fans had to chose where they wanted to go. I could hear fans arguing over what time to leave their tailgate to go into the game and when to leave the game to get to the AUC for their homecoming experience.

Re-entry would’ve been great for Georgia State and allowed anyone that came for the AUC homecomings to come over to Georgia State Stadium to see their fan experience. Maybe they will think about that next time, but I am not sure if this will happen again with all of the universities having homecoming during the same week.

Remember when Troy beat LSU? Yeah this is that Troy football team that Georgia State had to face and honestly this game revealed a lot about the Panthers. Even though they won games on the road they were not really challenged on the field. Georgia State started off great, but once Troy scored twice (field goal & a touchdown) it was as if the game was over. The Panthers mentally checked out and it was pretty obvious that this game was over by the 3rd quarter.

Troy held Georgia State to 52 rushing yards on 33 attempts and Troy’s defense is ranked 12th in the nation. Not the average team to play for homecoming, but this would have been a great conference win for the Panthers if they would’ve pulled this one out. During the post game press conference you could hear Georgia State’s head coach Shawn Elliott’s frustration and they have a short week coming up.

Their next game is Thursday against South Alabama, who beat Troy, which means they have to make quick adjustments starting today. One thing is for sure, if this team doesn’t connect or work on its communication then this season will go down. Way down. At least the food, fans and tailgating was great! All we needed was a win to top this homecoming experience off. Hey college football teams DO NOT SCHEDULE TROY UNIVERSITY AS YOUR OPPONENT FOR HOMECOMING. They beat LSU during their homecoming and now Georgia State. Welcome back home GSU! Back to reality.


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