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GSU Homecoming 2015: Fan Experience

I’m back!

Tonight was my second time attending Georgia State’s Homecoming. I’m such a bad alumnus that I should be ashamed but the way my pride is set up, I’m not. LOL This year seemed to be a better experience although State STILL has trouble with their students filling the seats. I understand that State isn’t your typical university, seeing as it’s spread out downtown Atlanta. State doesn’t have the same feel of a UGA or GA Tech. It’s not really considered a football school. It’s getting there I hope. If nothing else, you would think that with it being homecoming, the students would feel like THIS game would be special. Not so much. Here’s the thing; State needs to find a way to get students/fans to the Dome…once there, it’s a great time.

Some students seemed to agree.





Tonight’s game felt different. The energy was different. The team’s synergy was different. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I loved the band and the DJ plus I FINALLY bought a GSU hoodie and without a doubt UGA hoodie will be slightly jealous but that’s none of my business. Although State lost, this game was a vast improvement from last season. State will get it right. I know they will. I will forever be All In and Bleed Blue. I love my Panthers. They can only go up from here.




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