How Fresh Are The Carolina Panthers?

Bob Donnan/USA TODAY

If there was an award for the best NFL Twitter account the Carolina Panthers are the running for first place. The NFL and social media don’t particularly go hand in hand but there are always exceptions to the rule. It was quite the surprising treat that the Panthers gave their fans Friday morning with a secret message hiding in plain sight on their Twitter page. I was casually scrolling the TL when they tweeted this…

When I clicked on the tweet and saw a bunch of Will Smith gifs I had to be in the know. Ready? Here you go!








How genius of the Panthers social media team to tweet the lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. I would’ve expected this from an NBA account and the fact that they haven’t thought of this, mainly the Hawks, saddens me a little bit. Looks like the NFL and NBA accounts have some healthy competition. I wish Will Smith had a Twitter account, I’d love to see his reaction. Will the fun continue for the regular season? Only time will tell. You can read the rest of their tweets here.

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