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Is LeBron James Up For The Challenge of Defeating The Golden State Warriors?

The Arkon, Ohio native has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle as his Cavaliers have tossed all of his key weapons overboard last week during the last day of the NBA trade deadline. Former Cavs teammates as Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, and James’ best friend, Dwyane Wade all were traded for younger, versatile players that can possibly build a bright future for LeBron and “The Land.”

Many hold today’s NBA environment in which one team carries several MVP candidate players on one team on LeBron’s shoulders as he, Wade, and Chris Bosh formed one of the most dominating teams in Miami.  Winning two back-to-back NBA Champions together in their tenor together in Miami. No other team had dominated the league as that big 3 since the Kobe and Shaq era in Los Angeles. Now, the 3-time NBA champion has fallen victim to his own creation. The Warriors have dominated the Cavs in two of the last three post season series of the finals. Warriors took first blood in a 4-2 series win in 2015. James and the Cavs shocked the world the next season making this rivaly one for the history books in 2016, going down to game 7. In their third series finals, the Warriors totally destroyed LeBron and the Cavs, 1 game from swepting the entire serie, 4-1. Although, can the “King,” figure out away to do what many are calling the impossible and dethrone the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals?

Two NBA MVPs, an NBA defensive player of the year, not to mention a light out NBA three-point contest winner, and a list of NBA vets. All of which the current NBA champions, Golden State Warriors have compose their team of. What would it take for any team, not just LeBron, to over throw them? Well in the ‘Space Jam,’ movie, Michael Jordan needed the “secret stuff,” to beat the Monstars but that’s not happening over in Cleveland, maybe in New England with Tom Brady. From the time LeBron stepped into the NBA, everyone could see James had that IT factor from athletic ability, to backing down players in the post, and most of all, the passion for the game. The question is, why does James feel as though he needs help from other superstars to form the big 3? James has the ability to take over a game but does he know that. At times, James struggles from the floor, avoids driving into the paint for a possible free throw attempt, and passes the ball a little too much, sometimes in the wrong players hand at the wrong time. The ball should be in your best players hand. Especially, in a tight, playoff game that could make or break your team. Whenever James is aggressive, its contagious. The team feeds off his energy and the Cavs can be just as dominated as the Warriors. But, it all stars with the man named LeBron.

Will all of the ups and down this season has thrown at the Akron King, does James have the ability to gather his current young gunned team to dethrone the Warriors. To me, not at this moment. Their dominate win over the Celtics just a few days after their major trades was a great sign and start of their new season. Although, what we need to see is what will happen in the 4th, Cavs down by 5+ points, how the team reacts in a critical, and pivotal. Will LeBron defer or take the lead of his team. I believe he has the ability like a MJ and Kobe but he has to eat, breath, sleep, and practice the way both hall of famers have done in the past. Let this be your time LeBron to shut everyone up who says, you can’t do this alone. Fight for your legacy, Fight for your city. Oh, and less talk about your latest edition of shoes by the way. Now check that!

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