Is there Trouble In Cleveland?

Oh, Cleveland! Not even a month into the regular season and everyone is on the edge of their seats about the Cavaliers. In the words of LeBron via Twitter, “Relax.” The Cavs will figure things out if the fans would just be a little patient. King James told the media after their 110-93 loss to Toronto, “This is not even the loswest it’s going to get for us. You guys know, the lowest it can get is up 17 in the fourth quarter of Game 2 of the finals (The 2011 NBA Fianls Dallas vs. Miami) and losing. It can get that low. Or being up 2-1 and going to Game 4 and lose three straight in the Finals. That’s very low.” 


Cavaliers fans, take this from a Laker fan, things could be much worse. The Cavaliers will continue to figure things out but the team has to start with their bench. In their game against Toronto Saturday night, the Cavs came out on fire. Then, the Cavs second unit enter the game and the Raptors went on a 17-2 run.  Kevin Love says. “I think when we come out of a timeout and a team scores on us and gets a stop, scores on us again, we tend to definitely hang our heads. But that’s something that we need to grow up from. I know that in certain aspects or in certain times, I’m guilty of it, too. I think everyone is on this team.”  Point guard Kyrie Irvin states, “We just have to stay positive and have the confidence that we’ll get through this and I’m confident that we’ll get through this. We’ll be all right,”

I think around the NBA All-Star break, the Cleveland Cavaliers will begin to figuare things out and make a run for one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. Just as LeBron and his pals did in Miami. So Cavs fans, sit back, enjoy the show and just “Relax!”

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