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Jamaree Salyer Is Totally Committed On UGA

Fan Show Podcast 3/23/18

Football Friday

Today on the Fan Show we have an exclusive interview with Jamaree Salyer five star prospect committed to the University of Georgia. Jamaree was a part of the that 2018 signing class ranked number one in the nation by the majority of the major Sports media outlets. He has over 9000 followers on Twitter and volunteers at his church in his free time. Also enjoying art as a way to express himself from a creative standpoint. Even though Jamaree committed back in December and chose to stay for the rest of his senior year. He tells the Fan Show why he decided to do that in the reasoning behind it.


UGA Head Coach Kirby Smart left Jamaree Salyer Center Offense of Line Coach Sam Pitman right

Then he also tells the fan show the why the University of Georgia? What he likes about the offense of line coach Sam Pittman. Also what he admires about Kirby Smart and why he wants to play for him. He refers back to one his friends Andrew Thomas who went through with the same thing that he is going to go through the next year. Because they both went to Pace Academy and both played on the offense of line. We enjoy Jamaree on the show and hope to have him back soon.


Sean McEvoy with Auburn Quarterback Malik Willis and Michael Vick Ret NFL Quarterback Sean McEvoy on the left Malik Willis center Micheal vick on the Right

We also have a friend of the show, Sean McEvoy comes on the show to talk about the benefits of spring practice. Since the majority of the major college football programs are in spring practice right now. Ending  the show the Chick-fil-a Peach full we’re released the economic impact that is had on the city of Atlanta the past 19 years


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