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Jr. Hawks Night: Atlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers

Last night, my daughter and I attended Jr. Hawks Night at Philips Arena. The Atlanta Hawks took on the Indiana Pacers and it was glorious evening. Trick Daddy isn’t the only one who loves the kids. On the second level; there was a kid DJ, Zoo Atlanta had some friendly critters plus a raffle to win tickets, The Children’s Museum brought out their mascots and had games, there were ample opportunities to take pictures at the OMG Booth or at the Aaron’s Furniture kiosk, what would an Hawks event be without playing basketball and lastly you could sign up to shoot hoops on the court after the game. What a time! With all of these activities you would think your child would be game, nope. There wasn’t face painting as promised. I had one disappointed child. What is air?!

You know who wasn’t disappointed? This fan! The Hawks played the night before, showed up and showed, rinsed and hit repeat. This was an exciting game from start to finish.The Hawks dominated and didn’t let up, the Pacers didn’t have a chance.


I almost forgot that we signed Kris Humphries but he did not come to play with you fans, he came to make baskets. The fans actually booed him. I don’t know how many games he’s played in thus far but it is too early to be booing the man. I talked about the Kardashian factor here. Let’s give the man a chance folks!



My daughter and I had a great time sans the face painting. The cookies and cream ice cream mini melt, dot, circles made up for it. I’ll forever and always be #TrueToAtlanta


Jr. Hawks Night 2


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