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Kobe Bryant’s Farewell Tour Stops By Philips Arena

The great Kobe Bryant and his beloved L.A. Lakers took on the Atlanta Hawks last night and lost 100-87. It was definitely a night to remember. The arena was packed with Kobe fans and you couldn’t escape the waves of yellow and purple. Who knew there were so many Kobe fans in Atlanta. I’m sure some traveled but I was truly amazed to see the highlight factory highlighted with Lakers jersey’s.

Kobe tried, he played like your uncle Junebug on Thanksgiving day; washed. The arena was electric every time he had the ball. Hawks fans alike wanted Kobe to make his shots. If my memory serves me well, he did make three. The crowd went wild. It was like the old Kobe was back if only for a little while. During the start of the second quarter, the Hawks did take the time to acknowledge the legend. What a time to be alive! While I’m not a Lakers or Kobe fan, Kobe is still alright with me. Congratulations Kobe on having an extraordinary, exciting and fulfilling basketball career!

Checkout some video from last night and the montage that the Hawks played as well.

She’s always #TrueToAtlanta

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