Landing Josh Smith

After the shocking breaking news of the Detroit Pistons releasing Josh Smith on Monday, there have been several teams thrown around in the running of signing Smith when he clears the $26 million on waivers. Stan Van Gundy whom is the President of Basketball operation of the Piston’s release a statement on the releasing of Smith.


Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Houston Rockets are the strongest suitor to sign Josh Smith. According to Y! Sports, Houston has aggressively pursued Smith for the past two years, failing in the summer of 2013 to a sign-and-trade while Smith was in Atlanta. Dwight Howard is a childhood friend of Smith’s going back to their days growing up in Atlanta which makes Houston a top choice for Smith.


The Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Clippers are also in the running to land Josh Smith but the Dallas Mavs have a better chance and more of a contender for a Championship run as they have a new inquired point guard in Rajon Rondo. Smith and Rondo are very close friends and were spotted exchanging ideas during the pass summer in Atlanta. Could this be what the two were discussing?



The Rockets would be a great fit for Smith but I think a better contender would be the Los Angeles Clippers. Seems as though the Clippers are always one player away from making a deeper running in the playoffs, I think Josh Smith could be that player for them. Smith played some of his best years under Mike Woodson in Atlanta and currently Woodson is now an assistant coach under Doc Rivers. No, Smith might now have the best relationship with any of the current Clipper player but you can’t deny the talent and potential this Clippers team has.

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