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Large baseball wrapped in LED display near SunTrust Park

When Braves fans walk through The Battery Atlanta to head to SunTrust Park, they will notice a very large metal baseball.

That baseball features a 7-foot tall curved LED-lighting display. NanoLumens, creator of the Nixel Series LED visual piece of art, worked with Braves President of Business Derek Schiller and his staff to design the display, according to

“At NanoLumens we like to say that we make our clients’ dreams into reality,” Dan Rossborough, NanoLumens Director of Strategic Projects said in a statement, “and in this case, we’re confident no other display manufacturer could have delivered this design. The 7’ by 69’ display weighs just under 5,000 pounds, and that’s only possible because of NanoLumens’ patented technologies that are thinner and lighter than others, and have fewer moving parts. Because it uses less power and produces very little heat, cooling fans aren’t required.”

The baseball display can turn into four separate screens and broadcast live video. It sits 40 feet over a water foundation and can be seen from 100-plus yards away in every direction due to its 7,000 bits of brightness. The Braves content team also created a baseball graphic to form a 22-foot baseball when combined with the display and metal.

Photo from NanoLumens

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