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Meet Dallas Cowboys Superfan: Tavares Johnson

It’s game day between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. The Cowboys finished the regular season at 13-3 and won the NFC East. Will the Cowboys finish this fight and face the Atlanta Falcons for the NFC Championship game? It’s game on and I had the pleasure to talk with Cowboys superfan Tavares Johnson about his team, what type of season they’ve had and why they’ve been dubbed America’s team.

How did you become a Cowboys fan? I have been a Cowboys fan as long as I can remember but the day that it went to full blown overload was September 24th, 2000, Cowboys vs. 49ers. T.O. runs out to the midfield to celebrate on the Star for the second time and George Teague levels him. I lose my mind completely. And then Emmitt Smith running out with the ball and taking off his helmet and kneeling on the Star after his own TD? It was all she wrote.

Did you think the Cowboys would have this type of season? Pre-Romo injury? I thought we could recreate 2014. Post Romo injury? We can doggy paddle and be about .500 when Romo gets back but no one saw this and I’m loving every second of it!

What do you think made this season different from past seasons? Listen, we have been terrible for years. We’ve had some shining moments and a HOF caliber QB that has been forced to make a mediocre team respectable. The current construction of the team of the result of years of drafting from a new philosophy and they seem to be bought into the head coaches message and the future looks extremely bright.

How do you feel about Dak Prescott? Dak To The Future. Simple as that. I think I was the most excited person other than Dak himself on draft night. I always liked him in college and I thought “He may become the steal of this draft in 2 years. Give him a chance to study with Romo and who knows?”. Dak quickly blew up any thoughts I had with his stellar play and it looks like we may be set for years to come. And to be fair, I never thought the QB of the Dallas Cowboys would be a tatted up, Black, mobile QB would be as well received as he has been but here we are.

Do you think that Tony Romo needs to retire? I could never tell him to retire. I firmly believe that he should play as long as his body allows him to. Which of course brings the next question “How long should can he be healthy?”. I have no idea but he is too talented not to still play if he can hold up physically.

Have you attended a game in the new stadium? What is that like? Jerry Jones made a palace. A cathedral of football. It is big as Texas. Its incredible. But honestly, I hated it in years past because its almost too perfect. The acoustics were so good that it was hard to create a home field advantage but now found out that it was because people just weren’t loud when we were terrible. Now, 90,000+ fans losing their mind makes it crazy live. I can’t imagine how loud it is on the field.

People say the Cowboys have the worst fans ever. How do you feel about that? Valid…lol. Well it is because it is just so many and they are everywhere. Which means you will hear lots of loud and wrong opinions and they get all the press. But most fans are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their team.

What makes you a Cowboys superfan?  From my Cowboys themed 30th surprise birthday party my wife threw for me, to my Cowboys “retirement jersey” from my friends as a wedding gift, to the Cowboys themed holiday wreath on the front door. I’ve bled blue ever since I watched my first football game. My whole life stops on Cowboys Sundays.

What makes the Cowboys America’s team? Good or bad, the Cowboys are great for football. Either you need a team to be the hero or the villan and Jerry Jones is more than happy to supply his team for the spotlight for either role. Everywhere you go in the world, you will find Cowboys fan and thats what i love. #CowboysNation #WeDemBoyz

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