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Meet Los Angeles Lakers Superfan Mike D. Scott II

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The 2019-2020 NBA season starts in two weeks and all eyes will be on the west to see who will reign supreme. The battle of Los Angeles between the Lakers and the Clippers leaves us wondering, “Where does this leave the Golden State Warriors?” If the Lakers preseason game versus the Warriors is any indication of what the may do this season, Lakers Nation get ready! I chatted with superfan, Mike D. Scott II to talk all things Lakers.

CI: When did you fall in love with basketball?

Scott II: It’s the first sport I ever actively liked to watch. When I was 5, I noticed how big of a basketball fan my grandmother was and it stuck with me ever since. 

CI: How did you become a Lakers fan?

Scott II: My grandmother was huge fan of the Lakers, down to having random pictures of Lakers placed in with our family pictures. Michael Cooper was her guy. 

CI: Do you have a memorable/favorite game you’ve attended?

Scott II: Honestly the last game I went to was when we played Memphis in February of 2019. We did not win, but I had floor seats so I was cool with not complaining…. That day.

CI: Does Kobe get the full recognition he deserves? If not, why?

Scott II: Absolutely not. Kobe was a talent that we had never seen. Not only was he supremely skilled, but his intelligence is mind blowing. Kobe studied everything about the game including his competitors down to a tee. Most players are really good at 2 or 3 things, but Kobe catered his style of play to whoever it was he was playing against. He studied people’s movements and that, plus his killer mentality was how he was able to become so successful. With this new use of analytics, I think a lot of greats get pushed aside, but Kobe was an assassin and anyone who played against him will tell you that.

CI: Are you a die hard LeBron fan? – LeBron could’ve taken his talents anywhere, why do you think he chose L.A.? 

Scott II: Yeah I’ve always been a huge LeBron fan because I respect greatness. An I think he chose LA because why wouldn’t you want to play for the most historic franchise in the NBA and under the player that (even though it didn’t work out) you modeled your game after.

CI: What about LeBron’s greatness do you respect?

Scott II: Lebron’s work ethic is unmatched. For an individual to be dominant for so long in the NBA is really unheard of today.

CI: Are the Lakers a super team? Why or why not?

Scott II: No. The Lakers, like most teams have a strong duo and it appears have one hell of a supporting cast. We do however have the best duo in the league but it wouldn’t be the first time this happened. 


Mike D. Scott II | Grizzlies vs Lakers FedExForum 2019

CI: The King and The Brow…what do you think AD will bring to the team?  – Is this the best duo in the league right now? Why?

Scott II: This is absolutely the best duo in the league. If you look at LeBron’s career, hes always liked playing with a dominant big man. AD is that and hes a walking double double. I expect AD to be the perfect complement to LeBron.

CI: AD wants to win Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) – what are his chances?

Scott II: Slim. Will he have DPOY numbers? Absolutely. But those awards are always made to fit a narrative, and have much more to do with off the court than it should be. 

CI: What’s the narrative for DPOY?

Scott II: There are narratives for awards in general. I love Russ, but if KD doesn’t leave, he doesn’t get the MVP. People tried to say that it was because of the triple double, but he’s done that the past 2 years and hasn’t been in contention since. There’s no narrative specifically for DPOY, but there are going to be certain players that if they don’t overwhelming show they deserve the award, they won’t get it.

CI: How do you think Dwight Howard will fair with this team? A great addition or bust?

Scott II: Ummmmmm, ask me again after the first 5 games. Dwight Howard, pound for pound, had the ability to be a top 3 big man of all time. I stand by that. I still think he could be very dominant in his role if he works hard and relaxes on the antics.

CI: What are Dwight’s antics?

Scott II: Dwight always joked too much, which is cool, but at some point you have to get serious if you want to win. For some reason, he never worked on his footwork so was terrible in the post, and then for some reason would take a 3 pointer in warm ups and games – it was funny at first but nobody is trying to deal with that on a nightly basis.

CI: There has been a lot of talk about a Lakers and Clippers rivalry. Who will rule L.A.?

Scott II: Lakers and who? I hope I don’t sound ridiculous but I don’t know who that team is. They could be walking down the street, and I wouldn’t know a thing. Sorry to that team. Are the clippers going to be a tough team? Yes. But it’s not a rivalry. They share a building. That’s it. The Hammer and the nail aren’t rivals.

CI: The Lakers haven’t made the playoffs since the 2012-13 season, how do you feel about their chances this season? Will we be looking at a 60+ games won team?

Scott II: I got us at 53 games. Bron, doesn’t worry much about the regular season, so likely looking at the 3rd or 4th seed.

CI: What are looking forward to this NBA season?

Scott II: Getting a ring 

CI: Getting a ring – What are the chances that the Lakers make this happen this year?

Scott II: High. I don’t see a team currently constructed that can beat the Lakers 4 times in 2 weeks.

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