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Michigan Signs Amazon Deal

Looks like the NFL isn’t the only organization using streaming services. The Michigan football program agreed to a behind the scenes series with Amazon and the Big Ten Network that focuses on the team’s 2017 season. Michigan will get $1.5 million from The Montag Group — the producer of the series — for access/licensing and an additional $750,000 (from TMG) for site access.

Per the school’s release:

The series will chronicle the happenings of the 2017 season with exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage from college football’s winningest program. The cameras will follow Coach Jim Harbaugh, assistant coaches and players throughout the entire season, including access to practice, the university’s academic environment and a look into their lives off the field and in the Ann Arbor community.

While this is great for Michigan and their football program and I can’t but think about the $2.25 million the school will be receiving and none of the players will see this money. I’m a big supporter of these young men getting paid for the job that they do. They bring in millions upon millions of dollars and we’ve heard the stories of athlete’s going to bed hungry. At the very least, they should be able to make money off of the jerseys that have their names on them.  It’s quite obvious that there is enough money to go around in college sports and it’s high time that these players get paid.

The eight, hour-long episodes are scheduled to be available sometime in January 2018 on Amazon Prime Video.

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