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#FanExperience Meeting Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin

If someone was to ask me to describe the Atlanta Hawks with one word last season, it wouldn’t have been kind. What a difference a year makes. The Atlanta Hawks are having a season that many didn’t dream of or didn’t think was achievable.  They’ve certainly made believers out of doubters, gained bandwagon fans and made the NBA world take notice.

When I was asked if I wanted to attend a luncheon with the CEO of the Hawks, Steve Koonin, I said sure. My sure wasn’t filled with excitement but with intrigue. What would Steve have to say about this amazing team? What angle would this luncheon take? I was taken aback and amazed at how the organization has turned things around.

I remember tweeting a while back that I wouldn’t pay for a ticket for a losing team one and for a team that lacks engagement. Engagement is what the Hawks needed desperately, at least from my point of view. Well, engagement is what the Hawks have been giving. I’m super proud of the way the Hawks organization turned things around, especially being in the middle of controversy and being sold.

The way Steve Koonin broke down how the Hawks have managed to become THAT team was truly amazing. They looked at what they weren’t doing and changed it. From a marketing side, if you want to turn your NBA team around; look at the Atlanta Hawks. THEY ARE DOING IT AND I LOVE IT!



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