NBA: Finals Preview

Miami Heat

The Heat will attempted for a third straight championship in four years. If so, the Heat will be the third team to do so in the last 16 years. The Heat’s best strength is their ability to force turnovers. When opponents  turnover the ball, Miami feeds off that energy and capitalizes off their opponents mistakes. Last year Miami has had success playing the Spurs in a smaller line up. When the Heat play their players out of their unusual positions, it confuses the Spurs and the Heat ran away with that last year. As we know, LBJ can carry his team to the promise land but Wade need to stay healthy for that to come into place for the 3rd straight time. Coach Spo has even taken action to ensure Wade stays healthy by keeping him on a knee maintenance program throughout the season. My key for the Miami Heat win are just as the team did last year, finding an open Ray Allen. In the Finals last year, Allen hit the series changing 3 point shot to force a game 7 and ultimately give the Heat the opportunity to win the NBA Championship. Also, Miami needs to win back home court.

Heat x-factor: Chris Bosh

San Antonio Spurs
“We want the Heat” – Tim Duncan. The future Hall of Famer has set the tone for this years finals with expressing the Spurs desire for revenge. Fans remember the Spurs had the Championship in their hand with seconds to go in game 6. This year, the Spurs are a much better team, more experienced, and better supportive cast. Cory Joseph stepped up in the absents of starting pg Tony Parkers in their series with the Thunder. If Joseph can continues that, with keeping the home court advantage, the championship will be going back to San Antonio, Texas. The Spurs best strength is the teams ability in the pick and roll with Tony Parker. With the pick and roll and the bigs of the Western Conference Champs that can overload the Heat’s weakness to guard inside the paint. My keys for the Spurs in this series is Leonard’s defensive play on LeBron and also the effort Ginobili plays in big games.

Spurs x-factor: Boris Diaw

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