NCAA May Allow Early NBA Draft Entrants Back To School

As of Wednesday afternoon, news broke stating the NCAA allow top prospects to have the chance to test their draft status. With the recent trend in college basketball called “One-And-Done,” top draft prospects enter the NBA Draft at the end of their freshman year. Also, current rules do not allow an underclassman to return to school once he has declared for the draft. Under the new rule, prospects are able to enter the draft, test test the processes by going to the NBA Draft combine, and if their stock isn’t up their satisfaction, they will now have the chance to enroll back into school.image

UCLA Athletic Director and Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee Chairman Dan Guerrero, told ESPN:

Under the proposal, which is a coordinated effort by the NCAA, the National Association of Basketball Coaches, and the NBA, would allow underclassmen to attend the Chicago pre-draft combine in May, get evaluated by team personnel and given a true reading on their draft status. The players would then be able to decide if they wanted to stay in the draft or return to school. They couldn’t sign with an agent, though.

NCAA Vice President Dan Gavitt says, “This is a positive development for student-athletes exploring their professional dreams. This would give prospects and their families more appropriate time and unbiased info from the NBA to make important decisions. And it would probably lead some to go back to school.”

The proposal will take effect if it is approved in January and will be applied for the 2016 NBA Draft.

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