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New Orleans Saints Alvin Kamara + Airheads

Bleacher Report/Twitter

You get an Airhead! You get an Airhead! You get an Airhead! You all get an Airhead!

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara has loved Airheads since he was a child and childhood dreams do come true. The Airheads brand didn’t know Kamara was a fan of the candy until late October when he randomly tweeted about it. In turn, Airheads sent him a care package with him tweeting “The pack touched down!!!”


Airheads sent Kamara so much product that he started passing out the candy to his teammates on the sidelines after scoring a touchdown. “He is in no way obligated to pass out Airheads every time he scores,” said Creech. “He does it, his team loves it, and he’s having a good time,” said Stephanie Creech, communications manager at Airheads parent Perfetti Van Melle U.S.A. “When you see professional athletes touting their love for your product, you want to reward that.” “We thought, ‘If Alvin loves Airheads, let’s load him up.”

The relationship between Kamara and Airheads happened organically and continues to this day. During the wild card game against the North Carolina Panthers, Kamara handed out Airheads to teammates on the sidelines after scoring a touchdown. According to Apex Marketing Group Analytics, because of Kamara’s generosity, it generated 3,ooo tweets.

Now when Kamara tweets about his love for Airheads, he gets paid. He has a modest paid partnership with the brand and agrees to tweeting once about Airheads per week through the Super Bowl, afterwards Airheads will create videos with the running back to use on digital media to reinforce its #PlayMore #PlayDelicious message.

The Ringer/Twitter

Kamara and Airheads go hand in hand.

It was only right that EPSN put together a highlight reel in which the Kamara was represented by a different flavor Airhead for each play.

Alvin Kamara & His Love Affair with Airheads from Perfetti Van Melle on Vimeo.

Saints players have  given the candy a new name, “voodoo magic.” Where does Kamara keep all of the “voodoo magic?” In his kitchen drawer -Airhead Bites, Xtreme Airhead Sour Belts, regular-sized Airheads, and mini Airheads – his favorite flavor…watermelon.

Airheads sent Kamara another care package just ahead of the Saints/Vikings game on Sunday. Will the voodoo magic work it’s wonders? In two days the world will see. In the meantime, play delicious.


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