NFL: Free Agency Recap – Day 2

Day 1 of Free Agency was no slouch. The action started immediately at 4 p.m., and went on well through midnight.  Day 2 was just as entertaining, with big names being signed.

It started this morning with the Denver Broncos pulling an okie doke and signing both Aqib Talib and DeMarcus Ware.

Talib was signed right before midnight, so that technically makes him a Day 1 signing. His deal was worth $57 million with $26 million guaranteed. That deal makes him the highest paid CB, surpassing the $25.5 million Dallas gave to Brandon Carr. Talib will be replacing the recently departed veteran Champ Bailey. To say that is an upgrade is an understatement.

At approximately 2:10 p.m. the Broncos made another announcement. They signed recently released Cowboy DeMarcus Ware. They gave Ware a 3-year deal worth $30 million, and with $20 million guaranteed. John Elway is sparing no expense considering his team only scored eight points in the Super Bowl. Defense truly does win Championships and unfortunately the Broncos had to learn that the hard way last season.

While all of the Broncos moves look great, we have to remember that for now it only looks attractive on paper.  We have yet to see how all of these pieces will fit together and gel on the field. Only time will tell, but rarely do the free agency champions become world champions.

As I was writing this article, another major signing came across my screen. Since the Patriots lost Talib to the Broncos, they knew they had to make a big splash and land a shut down corner in some way. Well, they did that by signing Darrelle Revis to a 1-year, $12 million contract. This seems like a perfect pairing. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Revis go up against his former team, Jets, twice a year? I’m interested to see how Revis fits into the Bill Belichick system, but something tells me it will work out just fine.

So far, these have been the only big acquisitions of the day. But I don’t put it past these NFL teams to make something happen the moment I publish this article. It’s just been that type of free agency period so far. With that being said, what do you think of the Broncos signings today? Will it help them return to the Super Bowl? Sound off in the comments.

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