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Nike, Adidas and Under Armour Won’t Endorse Lonzo Ball

Former UCLA star point guard Lonzo Ball will surely be itching to start his NBA journey in a few months. Apparently, he won’t be doing so with a sponsorship from Nike, Adidas, nor Under Armour. This is completely unheard of considering the fact that Ball is projected to be one of the top picks in the upcoming NBA draft.

Seemingly, any possibility of a deal being reached was negated due to his father, Lavar Ball. Lavar  suggested that these companies sign a licensing deal for his Big Baller Brand merchandise. According to reports, Lavar even presented his own prototype shoe to these major brands companies which obviously didn’t go over well. In any event, it appears that things are beginning to look more questionable for Lonzo regarding future endorsement deals.


Although, he will likely look towards other brands to sign with, this has to be a disappointment for Lonzo Ball. His father may have just cost him millions of dollars which is certainly not the best way to enter the NBA. Perhaps, it’s time for Lavar Ball to take a backseat since over the past few months he has generated more publicity than his talented son. At this point, it appears that Lavar Ball is causing his son’s career more harm than good.

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