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Is There a Sport OBJ Isn’t Good At?

One thing is clear and two things are for sure: Odell Beckham, Jr is an international man of sport! You already know he stars for the NFL’s New York Giants. You know OBJ has a penchant for making the miraculous catch look easy! Well, let’s add cricket to the list!

OBJ rocked the cricket pads and gloves, and batted without a shirt!

The video was posted on Monday on his Instagram and was captured by former Durham University and 2nd XI Middlesex player Ajay Sangha, shows the Giants wide-receiver mowing a full ball down the ground displaying OBJ’s best “Happy Gilmore” impression.

This past weekend, he rocked out with Manchester United star Paul Pogba at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. He is indeed one of the mandem!

This isn’t the first time OBJ has rocked out with famous footballers! Last offseason, he trained with David Alaba and Xabi Alonso of FC Bayern Munich. It is evident, Odell is a fan of international sports and is willing to try new things!


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