Open Letter to James Dolan

Photo By: New York Daily News

This post is an open letter to James L. Dolan, CEO of Cablevision and the Executive Chairman of the Madison Square Garden Company. He owns the building, the MSG sports network, the New York Knicks basketball club and the New York Rangers hockey club.

Dear James:

Today, I write to you as a die-hard basketball fan. James, the Knicks are a total mess! In the past 15 years, the Knicks have hired 10 head coaches. You gave Larry Brown a 5 year, $50 million contract in 2005 and fire him after one season. He walked away with $28 million after coaching ONE SEASON. You brought in Isaiah Thomas in 2006 to coach and be President of Basketball Operations. It was a disaster. Two years later, you fired him. I won’t even discuss the horrific decisions to hire Derek Fisher as a head coach when he never coached or as an administrator ANYWHERE on ANY LEVEL after his playing career ended. That move exploded in your face and you had to fire him. Current head coach Jeff Hornacek won 14 games as coach of the Phoenix Suns last season until they dismissed him.

In addition, Phil Jackson as President of Basketball Operations refuses to talk to the media and destroyed his relationship with Carmelo Anthony. Your president refuses to engage with the one star everyone pays $500+ to see every night and yet, Phil wants to drive him out of town? Why? Almost three years ago, Jackson signed Melo to a 5 year, $124 million contract and included a no-trade clause. The other players in the NBA with a No-Trade are LeBron James and Dirk Nowitski. Come on James, I know you’re a billionaire; can you at least see what’s happening here? There’s no reason the Knicks are having trouble attracting top free agents! What in the world is Kristaps Porzingis thinking while watching Phil Jackson tweet and his team descends to the bowels of Hell?


Ever since you’ve taken over Madison Square Garden from your daddy, everything you’ve done has been a disaster [on the basketball side]. Granted, you oversaw a $1 billion renovation project and I was able to see it first hand in 2010. I was optimistic then and it’s beautiful now. However, this team is a mess James!

James, of all people you understand sales, marketing and optics! Throwing out Charles Oakley was sophomoric, idiotic and childish. We know you own the building and the Knicks! We know you want to keep Spike Lee, Chris Rock, John McEnroe, Jerry Seinfeld and others sitting courtside! However, it is a shame you don’t allow anybody to criticize you or the Knicks. When Marv Albert criticized the Knicks, you didn’t renew his contract with MSG. James, that’s poor! How Patrick Ewing doesn’t have a coaching gig with the Knicks is beyond all comprehension! There’s no reason he should be working in Charlotte! He bled for 15 years for the Knicks! Same with Oakley from 1988-1998! The axiom “Once a Knick, Always a Knick” has gone out of the window.

There’s no reason why you’ve bleached the history and culture of the Knicks in the name of making money!

James, when you look in the mirror you’ll find the biggest problem with the New York Knicks!

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