Orlando Magic to Stream Game against the Spurs on Facebook Live!

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The Orlando Magic are one of the leaders of innovation and fan experience within NBA. The Magic were awarded the IQ Technology Award for Outstanding Innovation in 2016. Their home, the Amway Center was presented the Customer Experience Award in 2013, amongst several other accolades in fan experience. It is part of the team’s mission to “create legendary moments.” The Orlando Magic continues to accomplish this with their newest venture. In 2016, the NFL announced it would stream Thursday Night Football games via Twitter. Orlando Magic has declared to do the same however, using FaceBook as their social media platform.

The Orlando Magic will be streaming Wednesday night’s game against the San Antonio Spurs. NBA regulations allow for anyone within a 75-mile radius of the Amway Center to watch the game on Facebook Live. This stream will provide an almost virtual experience as it will provide an in-arena feed as well as play by play and color commentary by Dennis Neumann and Richie Adubato.

Other simulcasts of the NBA have included the USA Basketball National Team this summer, as well as the Atlanta Hawks’ open practice on October 1. This seems like the beginning of a trend as the NBA is expected to stream two regular games during the 2016-17 season. Though the entire games will not be broadcast, this opens the doors for sports and social media alike.

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I can say as a fan who is always on the go, it is not always easy for me to be able to catch every game I would like to. Streaming of the games allows for people such as myself, to have the game literally in the palm of my hands. Not to mention, I find the game enjoyable when I can follow along on social media platforms such as Twitter. The gifs, chatter, shade, and “crying Jordan faces” make the entire game experience more fun. With what may lead to everyone being able to watch the games on social media, it definitely heightens amusement.

Besides the fans being able to appreciate the flexibility of which they watch the game, it is also a great way for the NBA and its individual teams to brand and market. The NBA already has a presence internationally and its viewership is growing. This should only contribute to the growth and innovation.

I am excited to see what new innovations the Orlando Magic makes within the industry. With the team being younger, I expect to see the impact from millennials transcend beyond the court.

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