Peyton Manning: The Last Ride

This may be Peyton Manning’s last season in the National Football League. There isn’t a quarterback in the NFL that can match Manning’s game preparation and pre-snap brilliance. The main issue that the 18-year veteran has happens after the ball is snapped. The decline in his physical ability is evident in his recent play towards the end of the regular football season.

I can see Manning excelling in a backup/emergency quarterback role for a contender, but this is Peyton Manning we’re talking about. The Sheriff’s passion for the game will not allow him to be someone’s backup. Peyton is an all or nothing type of player and will not play if he can’t compete at the highest level.


When I think of Peyton Manning, one word comes to mind: RESPECT. As a fan, I respect him coming out of TN in 1998 with high expectations and delivering with the weight of a franchise on his shoulders. If you looked up the definition of a coach on the field you will see a picture of Manning beside it. He has done that better than anyone ever has and probably will. Throughout his career he has been instrumental in game planning, player development & challenging defensive coordinators with his in game play calling.

I personally would like to see Cam Newton get his first ring to quiet his pre-draft naysayers. I would not be against Peyton Manning going out on top of his game, winning the Super Bowl and riding off to Disney World while the sun sets. His General Manager and VP of Football Operations John Elway did it back in 1999 so maybe Peyton can follow in his footsteps & put the cherry on top with a win in Super Bowl 50.

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