#FansNBA Cavs ‘fear’ Kevin Love May Leave As Free Agent

The NBA Playoffs are off to a not as well start as in past years but the Cleveland Cavaliers are back on top of the Eastern Conference. We know when the hard fouls and suspensions are handed out, that is when the real action starts. As for the Cavs, thing got a bit chippy during their 1st round match with the Boston Celtics. Kevin Love is now out for the reminder of the NBA Playoffs due to a dislocated shoulder. Yahoo Sport, Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Cavs fear that Kevin Love could possibly be a one and done Cav after this season. “I think he has all year long at free agency and the possibility of what else is out there,” Wojarowski says on the Dan Patrick Show.


The Cavailers were assuming that the combination of LeBron, Irving, and Love would have the best chances to make a long playoff push back into the NBA Finals for a championship ring this season. Now, things have changed with Love’s injury. Also, the combination of LeBron, Irving, and Love hasn’t synced until the last few games of the season.


I believe Love will look elsewhere, that would be smart on Love’s behalf, but it is far too early to speculate which team that could possibly steal K. Love from the Cavaliers. Several changes can be make during this time in the playoff and this off-season. But, I will say, the Los Angeles Clippers would be a perfect fit right next to Black Griffin and Chris Paul. Let see how this all will play out.

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