Riley Curry Crashes Another Interview With Her Dad, Steph Curry

In a SportsCenter interview starring Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, we saw a familiar face once again, Riley Curry. In the interview, Steph and Klay reflected on winning their first NBA championship together while in the company of their fathers, former NBA player Dell Curry and Mychal Thompson.

ESPN’s Marc Stein asked a great question to the group of Fathers, Stein asked, “At what point did you think you were a better player than your dad?”

Mychal Thompson stared son Klay Thompson down and said, “Do you really believe that?”

Steph Curry Says, “I never really thought I was better than him until my grandma, his mom, gave me that crown. She watched every one of his games and she — I don’t know if it was in high school or my first year of college — she’s at the house and she [said] ‘that boy is better than you, Dell.’”

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