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Fan Show Podcast: EP 23

At the beginning of the show
This shows all about rivalry week in College if you don’t know what rivalry week is. It is the weekend of Thanksgiving between Thursday and Saturday where the majority of the in-state rivals especially in the south play each other. Or you have big rivalry games like Ohio State and Michigan. But to break it all down with Alex today is our CFB analyst David Berger to discuss all the big games this weekend.

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The rivalry games that we talk about in the show

Ohio State vs Michigan
We get into Ohio State versus Michigan why isn’t Jim Harbaugh winning big games? The advantage that Urban Meyer has since he got to Ohio State. Who has the longest win streak and when did they first start playing against each other. Also, this is a game that it doesn’t matter what the records are or what you’re playing for. It’s just about beating the team on the other sideline and having bragging rights for another year.

Clemson vs South Carolina
This game is always been overlooked by the national media but it’s always been an intense rivalry. But now this game has relevance and possibly could shake up the playoff picture. If you thought USC vs UCLA was a good quarterback dual. Well, this game looks like it is going to give you the same type of intensity with Kelly Bryant and Jake Bentley going head-to-head. For the first time since 2012, it is likely that South Carolina can pull off the upset

Alabama vs Auburn ‘’The Iron Bowl’’
This game is pretty much described in three words ‘’The Iron Bowl’’ if you are from the south that’s all you have to say. Because just from those words you know the intensity the hatred that both schools have for one another.This year this game has some possible playoff implications and postseason aspirations since 2013 it is going to determine someone’s destiny this season. For Auburn and Alabama, it comes down to this win advances to the SEC championship and possibly the college football playoff.

Georgia vs Georgia Tech ‘’Clean Old-Fashioned Hate’’
You would think this game would mean more for Georgia Tech because they are right now 5 and 5 and this is the game that all Georgia Tech fans look forward to seeing some sore miracle upset. But Georgia is going to remember how GT tore up their hedges last year when they had their victory. It means a lot to the players in coaches on this Georgia team. If you grow up in the state of Georgia playing football and you are playing in this rivalry game you know you made it to one of the highest levels in you’re playing career.

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