Playing in MLS Essential for Rooney’s Future

Depending on the source, out-of-favor Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney could play for Everton, sign in the Chinese Super League or come to America and play in Major League Soccer. The least viable option would be to see out the final year of his £250,000 a week contract at United.

Rooney, 31, is Manchester United’s all time leading scorer. Yet, as his light dims for United and is snuffed out of the England side, Rooney has come to a crossroads. Even if he finishes out his contract at United, the only way he remains a relevant and viable footballer is by playing in MLS.

“There are lots of offers on the table, both in England and abroad, and that’s what I have to decide on…,” Rooney said when he commented on his future last month.

“As [Jose Mourinho] said before, he wants me to stay, but I just have to make a decision in terms of a football decision, and that’s what I’ll do. I’ll do that the next few weeks with my family while I’m away and, honestly, as soon as I know what’s going on then, I’m sure you will know.”

If Wayne remains at United, he would be making a massive mistake. He would slide further down Mourinho’s pecking order and become even more irrelevant. However, Rooney would be comfortable as a fading rock star.

“Everton would be a good move for him but not for the club,” Sky Sports commentator Charlie Nicholas said. “People talk about him going home but it’s been so long since he was there and football isn’t sympathetic. Everton fans might still have an image of this fast and powerful player rather than a slower one looking to play deeper. You don’t need to be a doctor to see he’s not in his peak physical shape. If I was Wayne Rooney I’d go to America. He doesn’t need the money or hassle of China.”

However, if he joined an MLS side, Wayne’s career would be extended by five years. The pace of play would be slower, the club he joins will do everything to accommodate him and the tactics would center around Rooney’s strengths (at least the ones that haven’t eroded). Many in England believe he’s too young to play in America, yet Wayne has played top-flight football since he was 16. Its time for Wayne to come to America. He will be worshiped!


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