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Ryan Lochte: Privilege and Lies

Lochmess Monster?  Lochte the Scammer ? US Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte, was the mastermind behind lying to authorities that him and his teammates were robbed and held at gunpoint in Rio de Janiero. This simply wasn’t the truth. Ryan was able to fly back to America but his teammates weren’t so lucky. They were on their way back home, detained and eventually told Rio authorities what really happened.

The men weren’t robbed. Instead, they acted like petulant children and vandalized a gas station. They urinated on the bathroom floor, broke glass windows and got into a physical altercation with the gas station attendant. Why would a 12 time Olympic medalist lie and why would he blame his egregious actions on the citizens of Brazil? Well, because he can and would mostly likely get away with it and this is just what is happening.

Mario Andrada, a spokesman for the Rio Olympics organizing committee gave his thoughts about the situation. “No apologies from him or from the other athletes are needed. We need to understand that these kids were trying to have fun. They came here, they represented their country to the best of their abilities.”

Hmmm, kids. So we’re calling 32 year old men kids and then excusing their behavior as having fun?  Ryan and his teammates aren’t 18 enjoying their first college spring break. These are grown men who know better and they know they can do what they want without repercussions. Let’s enter white privilege into the fray because the last sentence from Mario speaks volumes. Ryan and his teammates did represent America. This is America for White men, doing the absolute most while having little to any accountability.

The residents of Rio feel insulted.

“These guys from abroad think they’re superior to us, that they can come here, make a mess, lie about it and stain the image of Brazil,” said Airton Rocha, 28, a waiter at a cafe. “Well, the law is the law and it should apply to everyone in the same way.

All Americans should be angry with Ryan and his teammates because they have embarrassed the United States. Gabby not placing her hand over her heart does not constitute as being unpatriotic. What does? Ryan and his teammates going into another country to lie on their citizens because they couldn’t hold their alcohol and decided to destroy property. Their actions are far worse and wholeheartedly unpatriotic.  The sheer nerve that they thought they could flat out lie and it would be OK is unsettling.

What has Ryan been doing these past couples of days? Oh, just chilling and tweeting about him dying his hair.

Can you imagine if the US Basketball Team pulled a stunt like this? They wouldn’t be called kids, they’d be called thugs. They’d have so many people calling for their endorsements and sponsorship to be pulled and asking the NBA to suspend them. The disapproval would be heard loud and clear. There wouldn’t be an inch of understanding. For there still to be a wiggle room of empathy for Ryan speaks to the privilege he has.

Not to fret, it was just announced that authorities in Rio have indicted Ryan and his teammate James Feigen on charges of false reporting of a crime, the Federal Police of Brazil confirmed. Maybe  Ryan and James will think twice about coming into another country destroying property and giving a false statements about being robbed at gunpoint. I have a feeling that Rio is about to make an example out of the two. How poetic.

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