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SculptHouse: A Different Workout Beast

I marched into a brand new Buckhead workout studio Wednesday hearing awesome word-of-mouth reviews from the who’s who of Atlanta. That new studio is SculptHouse, located in Buckhead and I placed my RSVP for my first class for the next day at 8:30am. My friends Dawn and [my NFL cheerleader buddy] Macy told me about their great experiences; although, I was going to get my brains beaten in! However, I was in a stronger place because four days earlier, I ran 13.1 miles and survived!

The next day, I fought through Atlanta’s morning rush hour traffic and arrived at SculptHouse, ten minutes late. Oh, Atlanta! I jumped in Brady’s “Up” class without a warm-up and immediately hopped on the MegaFormer machine. The MegaFormer in simple terms is a Pilates-like machine that provides resistance in your movements. Within five minutes of getting my bearings, I was dripping in sweat.

After my SculptHouse workout and already, “my sculpt is showing”

Thursday’s workout concentrated on the core, chest, back, biceps, triceps and shoulders. My lower back got real tight after 10 minutes on the MegaFormer. I’d like to think it was due to a lack of stretching and warm-up. Even with the minor discomfort, Brady made sure I was comfortable! No matter that happened, nothing would dampen my enthusiasm.

My trainer Brady talking as I listen intently

Halfway into the workout, we transitioned to the treadmills. I kept my core tight while I ran, jogged, walked and strutted 4 miles in 25 minutes. The treadmills at SculptHouse aren’t the treadmills that are collecting dust in your father’s garage. These are Curve Treadmills powered by Woodway. It’s a completely manual, self-powered treadmill with a concave curvature. Running on it makes you mindful of your posture! When I took my first steps, I almost fell over! However, it was absolutely fun! It’s a low-impact cardio session and my thighs needed it because I was still recovering from my half-marathon!

Founder and CEO of SculptHouse, Katherine Mason, in the background are SculptHouse’s dedicated and enthusiastic trainers 

Needless to say, SculptHouse was a brilliant experience! After one workout, I want more! I need more! It was one of the more innovative classes I’ve been part of! I’m thankful for Katherine Mason for bringing this to Atlanta! I’m convinced this will be the new wave because it’s the perfect blend of strength training and cardio for the discerning active person!

The first class is $15. The next three classes after that can be reserved in a block for $75. Also, there is a boutique inside in which people can purchase activewear and leisurewear aka “Athleisure“! SculptHouse provides Rhone Apparel for men and many different designers for women! SculptHouse is located at 3167 Peachtree Road NE, Suite Q, Atlanta 30305. For more information, visit,

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