Shorter NBA season trumps shorter NBA games

On Sunday, October 19, 2014, the NBA will experiment a 44-minute, 11-minute quarter preseason game with the Brooklyn Nets against the Boston Celtics. This is great to see Commissioner Adam Silver and the NBA finally doing something positive for the players. During the preseason game there will be fewer mandatory television timeouts. For the fans this is awesome, less interruptions and more action!



I am loving the direction the commissioner is leading the NBA towards. Now what would be even more beneficial to the players would be a shorter NBA season. Remember the NBA lock out season? Shortening the season from 82 games to more so 62 to 72 games would reduce stress and save careers. Not to mention less back to back to back games and reduce travel. I’ve learned that the NBA is also looking to create more space between the Finals and the draft to build more excitement. Do you think my suggestion could be the key in doing that?

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