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SMWW: Sports Management WorldWide Career Conference

Every year many College students, people who want to work in sports and sports industry big names meet up in Indianapolis for the Sports Management WorldWide Career Conference. I credit two sports-related conferences that helped me decide my avenue in the sports industry and SMWW is one of them.



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Kelli Masters, NFL Agent, at SMWW 2014 #womaninSports


I have to thank the SMWW staff and Dr. Lashbrook for allowing me the opportunity to be in Indianapolis while the NFL Scouting combine happens. This is a great time to meet and network with NFL agents, scouts, professionals and even team General Managers. I utilize my opportunity for the past two years to really follow up with contacts and create a plan for myself. I don’t knock agents, but I realized that was not the route for me. I don’t knock scouts or team employees, but that is not the route for me either. Give me the GM job and I’ll show up and OUT! LOL! But let’s be realistic here!


Undrafted NFL players speaking at SMWW 2013


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Mike Perkins of Jacksonville Jaguars sharing knowledge at SMWW 2014


Everyone that wants to work in sports just sees the perception of a glamorous life. It is a lot of work. Here at Fans Favorite Fan I am struggling every day to find out what type of message we want to share with other fans and how we can build on that. I have a team that dedicates their time and efforts towards Fans Favorite Fan’s mission. I am a FAN and that is my purpose. I learned that from hearing from many people who I thought I wanted their jobs (like Adam Schefter or Kelli Masters) but NO! I’m good.

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FaceTime with my boys after SMWW 2014 (yes that is wine)


I struggle with managing my household and family duties as I jumped back out into the work force. I decided that sports was it for me and I haven’t looked back. The Sports Management WorldWide Career conference for Football is always during my husband & I’s Wedding Anniversary. Last year, he joined me at SMWW and this year I opted out for a family member’s funeral & a trip to Cancun/Tulum, Mexico. If this was not planned I would’ve been back in Indy to gain more knowledge for my team.


Meeting Adam Schefter for the first time at SMWW 2013



I share this to encourage anyone who wants to work in sports that you must put yourself in the room with other professionals you would like to question and rub elbows with. It is crucial. Do your research. Put in the time to understand this industry and the rest is yours. I am living my dream thanks to SMWW and Emerging Administrators Academy. You can too!

Copy & paste this link below into your browser and see which sports conferences you can attend coming up!


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