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I spend a lot of my social media time scrolling my twitter page and coming across great articles and today was no different. Jaryd Wilson, Social Media Coordinator for the Atlanta Hawks, tweeted an article “The NBA Does Everything Right On Social Media. The NFL Does It All Wrong” by Steven Louis. As I was reading, my head was shaking in agreement. The NFL can learn a lot from the NBA as it pertains to engaging with their audience. Social media is another layer of the fan experience that shouldn’t be treated as another thing to do on a to-do list. Social media matters!

Speak the language of the people that are following you,” says Dan Kozlak, the analytics director at Navigate, a Chicago-based sports market evaluator. “It takes a lot of research to see who gets engaged on what kind of platform. The more you put into it, the more you’re going to get out of it.”

This is a great quote! You know what makes the Atlanta Hawks a great NBA team to follow on Twitter…they know their audience, they know how to engage and they are fun. There is no fun in following stuffy, corporate sports accounts. Fans don’t arbitrarily follow sports social media accounts just to follow; they follow because it’s their favorite team, to see clips, memes, the interaction with other sport accounts, contests and more. Last year, the NFL told the 32 teams that they should limit the amount of original content they create for social media using NFL footage and fines start at $25,ooo for violations. How boring.

Forbes ranked the best athletes on Twitter and four of the top 10 ranked accounts belonged to NBA players; zero belonged to NFL players. NFL players aren’t given the freedom to be themselves and I wish Roger Goodell would relax. Adam Silver and the NBA embraced the social media movement and it’s paid off. The NBA’s social media presence has created a tangible identity for each organization in the league as well as transforming the landscape of the league. The twitter exchange between the Atlanta Hawks and the Sacramento Kings went viral and fans loved it!

Game 4 of the NBA Finals are tonight and I can’t wait to twatch (twitter watch) the game and see what goes viral. It’s always a better viewing experience for me when I can add to the excitement of it all. There’s a new app called Ditty that I’d love to see how the league utilizes it. Social media is fun when used correctly and it’s high time that the NFL let lose to enjoy what social media was intended for…to be social.

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