Fan Perspective: Is Social Media Your Friend or Enemy?

One of my favorite radio personalities Ryan Cameron of Atlanta’s V-103 has a funny saying about social media:

“Social media is the devil!”

In a sense, he’s right. Social media (the devil) has brought down so many people and shed light on their bad behaviors—whether by their own doing or by a person with a personal vendetta against them.

In the case of former the Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil, it was a bit of both.

When Tunsil recorded a video of himself—reportedly two years ago—smoking an unknown substance through a bong gas mask, he never expected the video to be posted through his Twitter account minutes before the 2016 NFL draft.

Tunsil said he was hacked, which is believable because why would a projected top-5 draft pick post a video like that minutes before the draft?

The video sent shock waves through social media and through the NFL. For a league that prides itself on protecting the shield and cleaning out the bad apples (although they really don’t, i.e. Greg Hardy) it was not a good look for Tunsil when that video was released.

laremy-tunsil-bongTunsil, who was once considered the No. 1 draft prospect, saw his draft stock dropped immediately. Teams that really needed offensive line help passed on Tunsil.

ESPN reported that the Baltimore Ravens would have drafted Tunsil at No. 6 if the video had not surfaced on social media. The Ravens selected Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley.

With pick after pick of offensive linemen coming off the board, it looked as if Tunsil was sliding out of the first round before the Miami Dolphins selected him with the 13th pick.

The slide from a top five pick to 13th reportedly cost Tunsil $7 million. If that was not bad enough, while Tunsil was doing his post-draft press conference an image appeared on Tunsil’s Instagram account showing a text message conversation, allegedly between Ole Miss assistant athletic director John Miller and Tunsil, about paying rent and electric bills for Tunsil’s mother.

Tunsil was asked about the payments, which he admitted was true, now putting the spotlight on the Ole Miss football program.

Tunis said his social media accounts were hacked and he had no idea who hacked his accounts. It has been speculated that Tunsil’s stepfather was behind the hacking. Tunsil’s stepfather sued him earlier this week over a fight between the two men. Tunsil said he was protecting his mother from his stepfather, who he alleged was abusing his mother.

Tunsil’s stepfather told that he was not behind the hacking.

Whoever was behind the hacking is a snake, and if the person is ever revealed Tunsil should seriously consider pressing charges against the person.

Although Tunsil was dealt a raw deal, he should also think before he makes stupid decisions.

I know he was a college kid and college kids make dumb decisions. But if you’re going to make a dumb decision don’t record it.You have no idea where that video could end up, and more than likely it will end up on social media.

Social media can be a great resource for people if used the right way. However, social media is used for evil a lot of times and if you aren’t on your Ps and Qs both publicly and privately, it could damage you and your reputation.

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