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Sports Biz: Emerging AD conference experience

Before my freshman year began at University of West Georgia , I knew what my career path would be. I wanted to do something in the sports field, but was unsure of which direction to go. My mentor Mrs. Dawn, Founder of Fans Favorite Fan, informed me that Clayton State University was hosting Emerging AD conference and that I should attend it.



This conference brings together different Sports Directors & Administrators from different colleges and universities who share insight on how they got started in the sports industry. I wanted to go because I knew it would be a great opportunity for me to try and figure out specifically what I wanted to do.


I learned I did not want to be a collegiate administrator, but I learned that I wanted to be a sports reporter thanks to Ms. China Jones. We spoke during lunch, and she started sharing with me background information on how she started in media. She stood out the most to me, because she was a woman with many accomplishments and I was wondering how did she do it? After that conversation I knew what I was going to do with my career. I’m glad I went to the program I learned that you will never stay in the same position for a long time and to be open to new paths as they come. I also learned how collegiate sports programs operate and how I can use my path as a reporter to tell their stories and work closely with them better. It was a great experience and you can attend the next one this summer by clicking the link here



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